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The future in HR Technology

What if your HR system improved your ability to retain Top Talent proactively?

Detecting Talent deploys the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to provide visibility to your top-talented employees that may be at risk of resigning.

What if you had real-time access to HR information to make data-driven decisions?

Detecting Talent offers interactive dashboards that enables analysis at department, job role, and employee level.

What if it was possible to understand the true cost of losing top-talented employees?

Detecting Talent can be configured to recognize multiple salary structures plus any additional costs associated per department.

Why it matters?

Studies have shown that the average cost of losing an employee can be as high as 1.5 – 2x their salary.


Employee Exploration

Workers are either actively looking for a new job or are open to one – Ajilon​


Attrition Prevention

Exiting employees say managers could have done something to prevent leaving – Gallup


Data Matters

Employees believe “pay and promotions” should be based on hard data – Forbes ​

We all struggle with information overload

Empower your Leaders

Making sense of your employee data is a challenge and many tools lack the ability to enable data-driven decision-making. Even fewer solutions empower you to become proactive in retaining your Top Talent.  

Detecting Talent is a cloud-based HR software solution that redefines how employee data is used to solve one of the most pressing problems facing companies today – Employee Retention.

Created for business leaders that want to leverage emerging technologies like Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Detecting Talent was built using the power of IBM Watson and a team of analytical experts to transform data into meaningful, actionable insights.

Employee Prediction

Identifies top performing at-risk employees

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Interactive Dashboards

Quick and easy access to data

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The Intelligent HR Portal

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