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Employee Prediction

Leveraging the latest emerging technologies, like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we develop unique and specific algorithms for your organization.  

After testing over 20 different algorithms, we identify the most accurate model to provide employee-specific probabilities.  This ensures that you focus your energy and effort on those employees that are making positive impact in your organization. 

Demo – Illustrative Purposes Only

Demo – Illustrative Purposes Only

Cost Calculator

At a glance, the projected attrition cost of an employee can be quickly identified.   This cost can be configured to be a multiple of an employee’s salary or a set figure the organization has calculated based on historical spending.

Our interactive dashboards provide access to understand the projected cost at the organization, department, or employee level.

Interactive Dashboards

We provide the capability to interact in real-time with dynamic dashboards to see how different factors/KPIs have influenced employees to either stay or leave the organization.

Becoming a modern-day detective is made easy with the use of interactive dashboards.

Demo – Illustrative Purposes Only

Demo – Illustrative Purposes Only

A.S.K. & Explore Assistant

Answers, Solutions, Knowledge (A.S.K.) & Explore Assistant offers the ability to interact with a virtual assistant in natural language.

This allows you to ask questions related to a specific employee or research a curated list of over 1000 articles on topics such as employee engagement, recognition, or loyalty programs.

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